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Hi Denver! Was that a PS who wrote that article? What a discouraging comment for us! ;-( ...feels so "stuck" and disappointed! READ COMMENT

I had a neck and lower facelift. PS said that the skin would just sag back after a few months. I told him I'd leave him alone if he'd just do it for me. He won't. He really believes what he says or I think he'd do it.. What date is your... READ COMMENT

Beebs- Click on the person's name you want to write privately. You'll see an option to send her a private message........ When is your surgery or have you already had it? READ COMMENT

FixMF, I remember you from a year ago. I was in July 2012. I am SO jealous that you are having a touch -up. Exacty what will he do? My PS won't pull the skin tighter. I have begged him to. ;-( READ COMMENT

Beebs- private message READ COMMENT