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Would love to see your before and after pictures after your 8 weeks. The device sounds very promising. I hope you get the results you want. Take care. READ COMMENT

That's great Elizababa! Thanks for taking the time to share. READ COMMENT

I definitely see a difference in all 3 photos. READ COMMENT

Hi Arms: Thank you for your review and taking the time to write. Not wanting to ask your specific age, I am 64 and very interested in getting my neck done...but I am concerned my age may make me not a prime candidate. I read one review... READ COMMENT

Hi Rose...I had Thermage done in June 2011 and Ultherapy done in March 2012. I also think I saw more results with Thermage. Is that what you are saying? I am now 64, have good skin, take care of it. But I was thinking maybe Thermage... READ COMMENT