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Nova Southeastern University Braces - Davie, FL

Hi I am considering Nova Southeastern University Dental School for braces. They have a very straightforward process for getting them. First of all, there is a free screening where they decide whether you qualify for braces in their school. If they do decide you qualify, you have to return for a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty at University of Maryland Plastic Surgery Residency Program - Baltimore, MD

Well, first of all, I have always had a prominent nose. I think a strong nose goes with my face shape, but as my face has shrunk with age, my nose has not , so it looks even larger. I feel like I am maybe a 7 in looks, but my nose makes me like a 5. I have researched rhinoplasty for a long time... READ MORE

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Can lower arch expansion be performed on an adult if teeth are straight? (Photo)

I am 30 & have always had sinus congestion.I breathe w/ my mouth open & my face shape is like 'scream'.I got braces and the orthodontist said I have "tongue thrust".I can't... READ MORE

My cheeks seem to be falling near the centre of my face, making me look aged. Am I a good candidate for a midface lift? (Photo)

My cheeks seem to be falling toward the center of my face, causing an aged look. I know I can get my face filled but I feel that placement of fat is just as impt as the... READ MORE

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I think $5000 is really expensive for such a procedure, considering that Brazilian butt lifts go for the same amount and involve a much greater volume to transfer and more physical work (flipping the patient over). In any case, it would... READ COMMENT

Thanks, I have to admit my nose does look good from the side angles :P It's just the front view (broad) which bothers me. Yes, I am going to save up. The doctors in my area cost a lot. I called different surgeons in my area. They said... READ COMMENT

Thanks...good to hear...perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. I still would have appreciated them rejecting me three weeks than they actually did, though. READ COMMENT

I had no problem with the surgeon declining me for surgery, but my consultations were on June 2nd and 10th. My second rescheduling date was June 19th. So even if they had to reject me, why wait all the way until one day before surgery?? READ COMMENT