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Going Back for Larger Perma Lip - Charlotte, SC

My surgeron was wonderful...I was scared to go too I choose the med. size..opps...not enough poof for me..getting the large on the 30th of jan 2012. Will post pics...Email me if you have is a easy procedure and you can go up or down in size..once the tunnel is there in the... READ MORE

My Face Lift! - Charlotte, NC

I am 49 yrs old and have been an RN for many years. I started looking tired and the nose to mouth lines were gettng deep!LOL I had a mini face lift 3 yrs ago and this time I had vertical lift...this pulls more upward and the first was more straight back toward my ears. I also did a upper and... READ MORE

Weight Loss After 23 Lbs and Lipo 8 Monts Ago in Innner Thigh and Lower Abs! - North Carolina, NC

I had lipo of 500 cccs,,,but I still needed to loose weight. After 23lbs and weights 3 to 4 days a week in 3 months.....heres the after. The before is the pic in the white bathing suit. Just felt thick in the core!!! The pain was bruising..and healed fast. It is a hard spot for women... READ MORE

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Go large...the med only show on some one with no lips !!!!I had to redo mine to large and now I love them READ COMMENT

50th .. Glad u can count! Lol READ COMMENT

Sorry you had all this trouble. I had mine done last yr and it was the best thing I ever did. I think who you pick to do it is very important. My lips were tender for 4 days and after that it got better. I was done in OR and put to... READ COMMENT

Look online...but I would take the 4 hour Drive to NC and My Dr. is great......Thomas Liszka. I LOVE my lips and did large on top and bottom!!! READ COMMENT

Why does everyone blame the implants? Its the Drs fault if they are placed wrong!!! Same thing with breast implants...if you put them in right they look great...if you put them in 5 inches off there in your stomach and that would look... READ COMMENT