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Worst Pain Ever of a Procedure,little or NO Results :( - Frederick, MD

I am 40yrs. old. No sun damage hardly and excellent elasticity in skin. I had minimal jowling at corners of chin and tiny amount of fat under tip of chin but enough to show in pictures. Supposedly the PERFECT candidate for Ultherapy I was told. I had this Procedure done on April 20th,2012... READ MORE

Questions from rdinca

Is getting a lip lift, nose job, and chin implant becoming more common on young models? The seemingly, "Bardot" look?

Just a new trend it seems among models I see is at a very young age they are doing upper lip lifts (to shorten nose to upper lip length) Nose jobs and chin implants all at once... READ MORE

Can't get any doctors to do lower facelift: Say not enough skin. True? (Photos)

I have tried EVERY temporary procedure to correct what I want corrected which is an end to my squaring face! I have had no resolve. I want a permanent (long lasting) solution... READ MORE

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Great review! And it looks really beautiful. Congrats! READ COMMENT

I had it injected ONCE in my chin-7yrs ago and HATED it from Day one! It has not gone away and caused irregularities in my chin at base that doctors keep poo pooing away saying its my mentalis muscle being mis-shapen...Couldn't be the... READ COMMENT

I would try fat grafting. I had fat grafting some 7yrs ago and it has pretty much stayed in place and was MUCH more natural and even than any filler under eye I ever tried. My girlfriend just had to have restalyne removed from under her... READ COMMENT

Wow! he did an excellent job! He turned you back easily 15 or 20yrs and male facelifts are technically more difficult I see. Thanks for sharing. You look great! READ COMMENT

I keep telling docs I want conservative but none will operate on me and nothing I want gets fixed I want fixed. I think this doc is less on the conservative side but man is he consistent on getting TREMENDOUS results! You look... READ COMMENT