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Anyone have surgery while still having some dysport symptoms?

Does anyone know this answer:  I had dysport in June 2012 similar symptoms to everyone here. Horrible headaches, weepy, blurry eyes, stomach pain, weight loss, horrible... READ MORE

After Bad Dysport results anyone do botox again?

I had a bad experience with dysport. June 2012 got botulism poisoning first time trying it. Was very sick for 6 weeks and wreaked havoc on my immune system. Has anyone who has... READ MORE

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Dnud, Me too! Same facial issues, same health issues and I work in fashion, or did. Barely go out and wear sunglasses as much as possible. Great way to live. Feel better! READ COMMENT

Guy I get every single comment on this board emailed to me. I was just responding. Sorry! I don't know who or what. I will just stop responding. READ COMMENT

Hi, Sorry I was responding to Florida Girl. I was also on my phone so perhaps I responded in wrong place. Now that I am responding to you, what are your allergic symptoms? Sorry to hear about that. READ COMMENT

Oh I understand. I had/have both manifestations. The physical and the falling face with deformed muscles. Yes it's horribly depressing. READ COMMENT

Thanks for responding. By physical de-activation, most of us experienced weakness and severe sickness. I was very sick from the Dysport and could barely get out of bed so that is what I meant - the physical manifestations: CFS, neck and... READ COMMENT