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Anyone have surgery while still having some dysport symptoms?

Does anyone know this answer:  I had dysport in June 2012 similar symptoms to everyone here. Horrible headaches, weepy, blurry eyes, stomach pain, weight loss, horrible... READ MORE

After Bad Dysport results anyone do botox again?

I had a bad experience with dysport. June 2012 got botulism poisoning first time trying it. Was very sick for 6 weeks and wreaked havoc on my immune system. Has anyone who has... READ MORE

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I was yellowish too, skin, whites of my eyes and my hair was so brittle. Yes the nerve and neck pain were the worst. I thought I was dying in the very beginning. My internist heard of it but the neurologist, endocrinologist and all the... READ COMMENT

Did I mention how this has effected my memory! I clicked on my name but it doesn't show pm's or how to open them. If you walk me through I'll try and figure this out. Thanks. READ COMMENT

You are me! I wasn't running the way you did but I worked out 5-6 days a week weight training and cardio. Was strong, all muscle, a bundle of natural energy and my business was in the wellness profession. I didn't lift weights for... READ COMMENT

Wow. How old are you really? I have the weird eyes, bunched up bags under, some weird skin in the middle of my forehead and I just look off and much older. I don't know how to send a PM? If you tell me how to do it I am happy to do so.... READ COMMENT

I never thought you were making it up. I have every symptom. I've never seen your photos though how do I see them? Did the pharmacist say if it ever leaves the body? I'm now concerned that we've shortened our lifespan by having this in... READ COMMENT