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Anyone have surgery while still having some dysport symptoms?

Does anyone know this answer:  I had dysport in June 2012 similar symptoms to everyone here. Horrible headaches, weepy, blurry eyes, stomach pain, weight loss, horrible... READ MORE

After Bad Dysport results anyone do botox again?

I had a bad experience with dysport. June 2012 got botulism poisoning first time trying it. Was very sick for 6 weeks and wreaked havoc on my immune system. Has anyone who has... READ MORE

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Natural Mama, Thank you. You are good! I know about the binding agent but did not know about the lecithin and cod liver oil. I take krill and standard fish oils as well. Still need the cod liver oil? Which lecithin do you like? Thanks. READ COMMENT

You made my night with your positive attitude. I try to be the same way. I never take 'no' for an answer. We will heal this! Off to go to a party (I almost canceled because of my face) but no more hiding. Thank you! READ COMMENT

Florida girl, How long ago were you injected? I was told by derm nurse that once the muscles collapse they usually don't go back. I hope she is mistaken. My eyes have stayed green but are darker green and the whites are yellowish. What... READ COMMENT

Yes. In the beginning my eyes were really horrible. Wouldn't open completely due to droop and heavy forehead (I looked like a caveman). Constant, and I do mean constant, tearing, dry and sensitive to light. Everyone is different so I... READ COMMENT

Yes our brains have literally been poisoned. It shows you first hand the power of the brain and everything it controls. The best way to describe it is I feel like someone who has had a stroke and is learning to talk and move and be in... READ COMMENT