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10 Years Taken off Easily with Juvederm! - London

Hi! I have had this filler in my tear troughs, cheeks, nasalabial folds and lips! I went to a very good occuplastic doctor (specialist eye surgeon), and she has done a very good job on all areas on my face! I have tried Radiesse but I prefer the results with Juverderm. The only downside is the... READ MORE

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Hi I paid £350 for 1ml of Juverderm Voluma. This was in the UK though and we always have to pay top price here because of the high taxes..I hate paying such high prices but I can't bear the awful gaunt look on my face without it :-( READ COMMENT

Hi chi8, to be honest I would go with Juverderm or something. I had Scupltra but it only worked in my cheeks. Since I been having Juv, I've been a lot more happier. You need a lot of Sculptra to notice a difference and it is very costly! READ COMMENT

Brilliant response nadiahoney!! I totally agree! ! X READ COMMENT

It's funny how the Sculpra just took in my cheeks but not anywhere else. . It does make my cheeks look a bit too full compared to the rest of my face so now I have to add Juvederm to under my cheeks and temples. READ COMMENT

Just had a thought. Some people have had success in making a thick paste of barcarbinate of soda and applying on the skin. This neutralises the Juverderm and helps get rid of it. .. you may get something out of it, try putting it on the... READ COMMENT