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Nose Was a Lot Smaller when Cast Was First Removed?

Im currently 4 weeks post-op and okay with the size of my nose, however 7 days post-op; when i had my cast removed, my nose was a LOT smaller, infact i was extremely distraught... READ MORE

Can Injecting Filler into the Nose Change Lower the Tip?

8 months ago i had my primary rhinoplasty, it looks/feels as-though he took too much of the upper lateral nasal cartilage out from the right size of my nose, it not only gives... READ MORE

Can This Type of Nostril Flaring Be Corrected? (photo)

My nose gradually goes wide going down (like in picture 1), i read that extracting skin from the inside bottom of the nostril will lead to a 'bowing pin' deformity (picture 2)... READ MORE

Are Combined Wedge & Sill Excisions Still Performed? (photo)

Is the method of procedure still preformed, 4 surgeons have already told me that they personally do not use this method due to the potential of scaring, i've only met 1 surgeon... READ MORE

What is the most you can lengthen a nose using ear cartilage? (photo)

I require my nose tip lengthened to hide my nostril showing, however i have thick skin (photo) which may limit my results READ MORE

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Hi, your results are fab! Not only does the nose suit you very well but it also brings out your other features. Can I ask if the surgeon actually lengthened your nose using grafts? I'm personally trying to find a surgeon who can... READ COMMENT

Didnt finish my post........ it looks like a lot of what i orginally saw it your photos from a few months ago was swelling. I can't belive its changed so much. could you post a photo of your side view please? If i were you i would start... READ COMMENT

Hi Sush, i see that you've posted 2 new sets of photos since my last comment. I have to say from your new photos i have changed my mind about Dr Shahs revision. It honestly looks much better READ COMMENT

Let us all know how you get on READ COMMENT

Hello Sush, i think you'll agree with me and the others here when we say your first Rhinoplasty was the biggest problem, since then your nose is a step better but for you still not good enough. I never make any any surgeon... READ COMMENT