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Dark Circles Under Eyes. Am I a Candidate For Fat Transfer? (photo)

I'm 18-year old female and I've recently heard about fat transfer but I'm afraid of "puffy eyes" after surgery. Is it really a proper solution for me? I'm looking forward to... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes and Restylane Didn't Help? (photo)

8 months ago I had a Restylane injection but I haven't seen any difference. Eyes are still sunken but in specific way - only between eye orbits and nasal bone so it looks like... READ MORE

Thickening Young Skin Around Eyes - Cream?

Could you recommend proffesional eye creams wihch would make skin thicker and are also safe for teenagers? Is there any cream which works so well that can be a non-surgicial... READ MORE

Fat grafting around inner corners of eyes?

I've noticed that in most transformation photos areas around inner corners of eyes look unchanged. Is it a risky place for injection or fat is getting reduced? READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting to the Eyes, Temporary?

Well I found out information on one page that "depending on the area effect can be expected for 6-24 months" which upset me as I'm looking for permanent result around eyes. Is... READ MORE