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My Mini TT and 900ml of Fat Removal with the Lovely Dr Cerna - Prague

2014-10-29: I would like to share my story/journey of my mini tummy tuck and 900ml of fat removal with the Laderma clinic in Prague. I would like to say a 'special' thank you to Suzzane Cerna my Surgeon :-* And the nurses who work so tirelessly to make the clinics patients comfortable :-F . I... READ MORE

Questions from julestheword

Best face lift/procedure for malar crescents? My surgeon told me a SMAS lift would work. Is he right?

Have malar crescents. Which would be the better face lift to have,or the most suitable procedure to address the malar? I have been told by my surgeon that a smas lift would... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait to tattoo my Mini Tummy Tuck scar?

I was wondering. I am 16 days post op and my scar is healing nicely. I was thinking of having a tattoo to cover the scar. How long would I have to wait until I can proceed? Thanks READ MORE

I have horrible puffy malars. Surely with all the new surgical techniques they can be removed? (photos)

Can these horrible malar bags/festoon be corrected and flattened with a macs lift? Some surgeons say yes and some say no and I am now very confused. I have had them since youth... READ MORE

I had a mini tummy tuck and 900ml lipo 5 weeks ago. Could the hardness/swelling in the region of my scar be caused by fluid?

I had a mini tt and 900ml 5 weeks ago and although the surgeon in my opinion did a wonderful job,I think I have fluid collection.. around the scar area it is hard. My surgeon... READ MORE

6 weeks post op after mini tummy tuck and have developed this hard mass! Should I be worried? (Photo)

I have a10cm hard mass and am now worried that this will become permanent. I emailed my plastic surgeon and she said just to wear my compression garment and not to worry as I... READ MORE

Still hard mass/please see previous questions

I posted a few weeks ago about my large hard 10cm mass just above my tummy after a mini tuck(operated on 14th October 14). My surgeon eventually aspirated three tubes of blood... READ MORE

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Laderma and Dr Cerna were also a massive disappointment to me too. I actually went ahead with a mini tummy tuck and a little lipo to tidy up..I should have noticed the warning signs when I found the company hard to get replies to my... READ COMMENT

Prob just normal swelling and maybe PMT? I still swell now and I am 5months post op..I am swollen at the moment,but trying to eat healthy,which is hard in my house with 3 teen boys,lol. Are you relaxing? READ COMMENT

Your review keeps me sane lol! Noooo,not that bad really,but love reading your journey :=) The surgeon did aspirate lots of blood and told me to leave my garment on for two more weeks,but the hard lump came back :=( I told her,but she... READ COMMENT

I second that! Been great reading about your journey. I will be seeing Dr O on Sunday 25th..Lets hope he can do his magic on me.. Not much to do,just take the hematoma out I think..Something the last surgeon will not do..:-/ ..I wish... READ COMMENT