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Sorry my friends,but ignore this post..Things were/are not as they seem xxxx

2014-10-29: I would like to share my story/journey of my mini tummy tuck and 900ml of fat removal with the Laderma clinic in Prague. I would like to say a 'special' thank you to Suzzane Cerna my Surgeon :-* And the nurses who work so tirelessly to make the clinics patients comfortable :-F . I... READ MORE

Questions from julestheword

Best face lift/procedure for malar crescents? My surgeon told me a SMAS lift would work. Is he right?

Have malar crescents. Which would be the better face lift to have,or the most suitable procedure to address the malar? I have been told by my surgeon that a smas lift would... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait to tattoo my Mini Tummy Tuck scar?

I was wondering. I am 16 days post op and my scar is healing nicely. I was thinking of having a tattoo to cover the scar. How long would I have to wait until I can proceed? Thanks READ MORE

I have horrible puffy malars. Surely with all the new surgical techniques they can be removed? (photos)

Can these horrible malar bags/festoon be corrected and flattened with a macs lift? Some surgeons say yes and some say no and I am now very confused. I have had them since youth... READ MORE

I had a mini tummy tuck and 900ml lipo 5 weeks ago. Could the hardness/swelling in the region of my scar be caused by fluid?

I had a mini tt and 900ml 5 weeks ago and although the surgeon in my opinion did a wonderful job,I think I have fluid collection.. around the scar area it is hard. My surgeon... READ MORE

6 weeks post op after mini tummy tuck and have developed this hard mass! Should I be worried? (Photo)

I have a10cm hard mass and am now worried that this will become permanent. I emailed my plastic surgeon and she said just to wear my compression garment and not to worry as I... READ MORE

Still hard mass/please see previous questions

I posted a few weeks ago about my large hard 10cm mass just above my tummy after a mini tuck(operated on 14th October 14). My surgeon eventually aspirated three tubes of blood... READ MORE

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Will you get your money back? I had a similar experience,although nothing as horendous as yours..A woman surgeon in Prague called Dr Cerna..I am going to have revision now! READ COMMENT

No this should not be as good as it gets! You should,if you are not,be receiving all the post op care you need. You are still getting open infections. The NHS should no better!! Sending hugs ..And all the very best to you. Keep us posted x READ COMMENT

Hi I am going to see Dr Rodrigo on 20th April and although it's only for a consultation, I have booked a hotel not so near,but if I go ahead with the surgery(nose job) which hotel did you stay in,as I would like to be near the clinic?... READ COMMENT

Which clinic/surgeon are you/is he/she? I wants a revision tt and my waist made a lot smaller. Like really small. Is this possible? READ COMMENT

I am consulting with him next week...To hopefully have surgery at the end of the year. I have a deviation (don't know all the medical terms) have been to a few surgeons who were not really interested. On close up pics you can see the... READ COMMENT