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Can You Swim a Few Days After Facial Botox Injection?

First time using botox around the eyes and I'm an avid swimmer. It's been about 5 days. Is swimming fine? READ MORE

After a Few Days of Botox Injection in the Forehead and Between the Eyes, is It Okay to Squint Heavily?

Because my eyes are really sensitive to sunlight, I tend to squint and blink my eyes heavily. Is this okay when being injected with Botox a week earlier? Would it cause Botox... READ MORE

Safety of Naphcon A. I Got Severely Dry/red Eyes from Them After Botox?

I had Botox done 8 days ago. 3rd day: eye puffiness/droop. I got Naphcon A drops & after 3 days of using it, eyes became red/dry. Dryness carried to my nose/throat. I... READ MORE

Muscle Recruitment from Botox?

Can you advise if Muscle Recruitment will diminish before the Botox wears off or will it stay in the duration period UNTIL the Botox wears off? I rather opt not to get... READ MORE

Botox: Eyebrow Drooping Versus Eyebrow Arch Raising?

Can you advise what resolves faster: Botox injections that make the eyebrow raise into a high evil-like arch, or Botox injections that make the eyebrow droop to a sleepy-like... READ MORE

Retin-A Not Working. WHY?

I used Retin-A last summer and it worked great. Face went from drab to dazzling in a matter of 2 wks. I experienced little peeling... I then took a break from it in the winter.... READ MORE

Retin-A and Tazorac?

Is it okay to alternate nightly usage of Retin-A and Tazorac? I've been using Retin-A with no side effects and was curious to see if I can use it every other night, and the... READ MORE

Need to Stop Tazorac the Day Before Getting Botox?

I'm using Tazorac and want to get Botox. Do I need to stop using my Tazorac the night before getting Botox? READ MORE

Botox Question: Recovery Time of Treatment?

My concern is getting Botox and accidentally twitching/rubbing the area (without knowing or realiziang it) within the 4 to 6 hr recovery time. What are the realistic chances... READ MORE

Another Botox Question: Bathing and Washing the Face the Day of Botox

I plan on getting Botox in the early afternoon. Would it be fine, by nightfall, to take a hot shower (my usual routine)? Also, how do you recommend cleansing the face after... READ MORE

Botox Question on Glabella Area?

I am considering having Botox done this summer & recently met with a doctor for a consultation. He tells me that what I can expect is for the injected area to come down... READ MORE

Botox and Retin-A?

My frown lines (the 11s) were very bad a few months ago, but since recently starting Retin-A .1% (applying a good dab on these 11s nightly), I started noticing a big... READ MORE

Advice: How to Speak to Your Botox Injector?

What is the politically correct way of addressing a Botox injector if the Botox they are about to inject is “properly diluted”? You hear all these scary stories about... READ MORE

Botox and Icing Right After Injection?

Got Botox yesterday. The doctor injected 20 units to the glabella and surrounding upper eyebrows. Once he was finished, he applied moderate/gentle pressure with an icepack. He... READ MORE

Regular Botox User and Now Seeing a Droop for the First Time?

Concerned that the droop won't go away or will take a long time to go away. I hear stories about how Botox 'power' lives longer in reguar users. This is my 4th time with Botox.... READ MORE

About to get Botox... Should I stop with Frownies, which I've been wearing nightly for several months?

I've been using those Frownies for a few months. They're the nightly adhesive tape-like sheets that train you not to frown while you sleep. They work a little, but I wanted... READ MORE