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Obvious Issue: Revision Sooner or Later?

I had up/low bleph 3 wks ago. My upper lids are now hooded, casting black shadows along my eyes. The inner corner of 1 eye was not sutured well & is a wrinkly, raised mess,... READ MORE

Post-blepharoplasty Q's: What's Normal?

1. It has been 8 weeks post upper/lower bleph. The incisions are still red but more importantly, my eye sockets are very sore, esp right eye. I need Tylenol daily. Normal? 2.... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon or oculoplastic for blepharoplasty revision?

I had an upper/lower bleph a year ago. Too much skin was left @the inner corners of my upper lids; they're wrinkled/crepey. I also have asymmetrical "lumps" where inner corner... READ MORE

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Blepharoplasty: did you have last minute second thoughts?

I'm having upper/lower (transconjunctival) bleph Friday with CO2 laser resurfacing of my lower lids.  I am very nervous today (Weds) to the point of considering cancelling... READ MORE

Need GREAT eyelid surgeon in NC

Does anyone know of a true eyelid expert in NC?  I need a revision due to a sloppy job done on an upper bleph.  I can't find someone who I feel is really expert.... READ MORE