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2 YRS-2mos po. Round 2 in June of 2015.

After years of being discontent with myself, I've actually decided to do something about it. I'm cute, yes. I'm short, with thick thighs, no hips, and sadly, no a$$....which is a HUGE downfall. Sure, looks can only take you so far and granted, I could work out. I've been 100 lbs and STILL no... READ MORE

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Is Wearing a Garment After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Flattening my Butt?

I am 2 weeks post op and got 1400 cc's to each cheek. The volume in my buttocks has gone down considerably and I would guess I have about 70% of what I had to start out with. I... READ MORE

Bbl 2nd Round 1st Sx 7/31/13 1400ccs/ck? (photo)

I am hoping for more projection & wider hips. I understand that the width of my hips is limited by bone structure. My first surgery had lipo of full back, waist, abdomen, &... READ MORE

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Lol everything's else crazy big too - except for the ta-tas READ COMMENT

Oh I forgot to answer how often. 3-4 times a week repetition on 10, heavier weights 3 sets. And for the body squats (like jumping squats) rep 15, 3 sets- and my trainer had me doing stuff in between other leg exercises so he made me do... READ COMMENT

Awwww thank you. I hope I do too - that way I don't have to go through all of this again... lol READ COMMENT

I actually did both. I hired a personal trainer and he helped me out with everything. Lots of weighted squats and also body squats, jumping squats, lunges - you name it. READ COMMENT

Lol no its not a piece of cake lol. But i think it's still worth it. I still look better than I did before I got this done. :-) you are to be doing a lot of research and that's great because I think the more you research the more... READ COMMENT