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1 YR 3 MO PO revision or rnd 2 Salama

After years of being discontent with myself, I've actually decided to do something about it. I'm cute, yes. I'm short, with thick thighs, no hips, and sadly, no a$$....which is a HUGE downfall. Sure, looks can only take you so far and granted, I could work out. I've been 100 lbs and STILL no... READ MORE

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Is Wearing a Garment After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Flattening my Butt?

I am 2 weeks post op and got 1400 cc's to each cheek. The volume in my buttocks has gone down considerably and I would guess I have about 70% of what I had to start out with. I... READ MORE

Bbl 2nd Round 1st Sx 7/31/13 1400ccs/ck? (photo)

I am hoping for more projection & wider hips. I understand that the width of my hips is limited by bone structure. My first surgery had lipo of full back, waist, abdomen, &... READ MORE

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I feel the same way too I'm 15 months PO. I personally love ur results though READ COMMENT

OMG I just saw your new pictures. I am IN LOVE w this body of yours! Girl you got a bag in ass body. You had an awesome body before but now it's just UNeffingBELIEVEABLE!!! Lol. I'm so happy for you! I hope he can do me like he did you. READ COMMENT

Maybe a little bigger and rounder. And I want injections o me hips. Really I'm just worried about having more of an hour glass shape and a teeny tiny waist READ COMMENT

That body giiiirrrlll is BAD ASSS!! You make me want to definitely go to him again for my round 2. I went to him for the 1st round but due to me gaining me weight and a slight asymmetry of the buttocks I am going to him again....or Yily... READ COMMENT

Well I had e-mailed Ruben and he said they'd be using the same areas they did before. A lot of the fat I have now though I just gained this past month hogging out stressing over school. It's no ones fault but my own. I have gotten gross... READ COMMENT