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Butt Sagging Like a Grandma - Sugar Land, TX

Dr Nguyen mislead me to think that butt implants would make my butt look lifted. I asked him over and over if he was sure it wouldn't sag, since it was over the muscle. He said that the muscle fascia would keep it from sagging. The truth is he doesn't have the knowledge to putt butt implants... READ MORE

Butt Implant Revision and Breast Revision with Fabulous Results. Beverly Hills, CA

I've let people feel it and they can't tell if it's fake. It's like mind blowing. And I'm doing squats with weight and everything in the gym and no problems, it's just as strong. I will never need another butt job. :) I didn't feel like Dr Stanton rushed in the operating room either. I feel like... READ MORE

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What Can Be Done to Fix Sagging Butt Implants?

I got butt implants put in 5 months ago. They are under the muscle fascia, but over the muscle. Now they make my butt look very saggy, I'm only 29. I could hold up a pencil... READ MORE

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I started to notice it sagging after 3 months and started doing the Brazilian butt lift exercise video, it seemed like exercise was helping at first but it just progressively started to sag more and working out with trainers didn't fix... READ COMMENT

Because I experienced sagging and so have tons of other people, that's why. Dr Stanton is always fixing these other doc's implants. My butt is now at least an inch higher and I know this because I can see a mark where my old crease was,... READ COMMENT

I'm glad you are happy but I don't think under fascia is enough support, so I hope yours don't sag in the future. In my opinion under muscle is way better. READ COMMENT

So you are saying Dr Cortez has dysmorphic disorder? He agreed that it needed to go up an inch. Dr Stanton, has dysmorphic disorder too since he actually corrected it? My mom and all my family and friends and people at my gym and the... READ COMMENT

I'm so tired of Dr Nguyen's staff members commenting, please stop. READ COMMENT