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Post Rhinoplasty- Do I Have a Polybeak Deformity? Why Does my Front Look So Distorted/weird? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 1.5 months ago and i am very concerned about my front view. why is it looking so distorted? do i have the beginning of a deformity? please help READ MORE

Why Does my Front View Look Wider Than my Before? (photo)

I had my nose done 8 weeks ago. it still looks wider than my old nose and more blobby, very upsetting. what is causing this? will it change? READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had surgery 8 weeks ago and my nose is now wider and very stranger looking. why is this? please help. note: I could not get my hands on the surgeons pictures. however all... READ MORE

Wider Nose After Rhinoplasty - Do I Have Bossa Formation? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 2 1/2 months ago. My nose is now wider, and more full in the tip. i am panicked about this. my doctor says its just swollen but how could my nose look this... READ MORE

What is This Bump on the Right Side of my Nose? (photo)

There is some sort of dent or indentation on my left side in the picture. what is this? will it go away? 2 months post op rhinoplasty READ MORE

Bump/indentation on my Bridge 10 Weeks After Rhinoplasty? What is It? (photo)

I can't eat or sleep because of how devestated I am over my rhinoplasty. The plan was to narrow my nose and define the tip. I now have a bump on y left bridge and a huge tip.... READ MORE

Is my Nose Just Swollen or Did my Doctor Mess Up? (photo)

Nose was done three months ago. i cannot believe how less defined and wider it is. my doctor brushes off all of my concerns and says its just swelling and to come back in 3... READ MORE

Is This a Saddle Nose Deformity? (photo)

Had rhinoplasty three months ago and am devestated by the appearance of my nose. it looks like my bridge/bottom of nose doesnt connect. i went for a 2nd opinion and the dr said... READ MORE

4 Months Post Rhinoplasty Bumps and Inconsistencies? (photo)

4 months ago I had rhinoplasty. My nose does not have consistent lines down the front. There looks like there's bumps:indentations all over the nose. Would fillers help? Will... READ MORE

5 Months Post Rhinoplasty Inverted V? How Do I Fix This? (photo)

As time passes my nose is getting worse and worse. I am absolutely devestated by my results. are these problems difficult to fix? any recommendations for revision specialists... READ MORE

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I'm do sorry to hear about your story. I have a very very similar looking nose- did you decide whether you'd move forward with pearlman? Please inbox me if you ever feel like talking about options! I am looking for a surgeon in the NYC... READ COMMENT

Doctors have their staff, families, and friends write positive reviews all of the time. It's very sad. I do like this site and i do believe there are real reviews but the reality of the situation is- these faulty positive reviews... READ COMMENT

Would you please send pictures? ********** please please- i am in a tough spot and looking for him to do my revision READ COMMENT

Please let us know how it went READ COMMENT

Please send pictures!!! ********@******.com READ COMMENT