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Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch - New York, NY

My lower eyelids had gotten a crepe-y look. I imagined that if a surgeon could simply get rid of the excess skin, it would be exactly what I needed. CO2 laser three years ago for this problem didn't have much effect. I had been advised by a few PS's against the procedure due to risk of making it... READ MORE

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Actually I always wear my eyeliner like that, so no, it wasn't specifically to hide scars. As previously stated, those photos were taken 3 weeks post-op, and at that time the scars, which fade over time, were minimal. No, I don't feel... READ COMMENT

It is surgery after all. Yes, there is bruising and swelling. I believe it was 7-10 days for all the bruising and swelling to resolve, but could go out in public with a lot of Dermablend after 4 days or so. READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear you weren't happy with the outcome of your skin pinch. I wonder why you think it "failed." Was not enough skin was removed? Too much? Do you think your expectations about what this procedure is supposed to do were... READ COMMENT

Lower bleph usually involves more than the skin pinch--removal of skin and fat and tightening muscles. The skin pinch is removing excess skin only. I had a lower bleph where those other things were done 18 years prior, so at this... READ COMMENT

Thank you. Yes, it just removes excess skin. It's now 8 weeks since the surgery. Without eyeliner, under bright light I can see a little bit of a scar near the lash line, but I don't think anyone would notice it other than a plastic... READ COMMENT