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On my journey to become breast implant free

After I had my children my boobs got smaller than they were as a teenager . All I wanted was to be able to feel out tops and feel like a woman , I had thought getting implants would make me more confident so I proceeded and got my BA about three months ago, the first two days I was fine and then... READ MORE

Questions from Lovemylemons

Can I Remove Axiallary Without Damaging Them?

I had these put in two months ago axiallary and from day two I've found them to be too big for my body, I have found a slight knot on one breast that scared me , I've had... READ MORE

Can I Use my Original Axiallary Incision to Remove my 350 Silicone?

I have no problems yet , I just don't like the size I got they are too big for my little frame I'm only about 93 pounds with 350 . I don't think I have a CC they are only about... READ MORE

How is my Original Crease Going to Be Found when Removing my Implants my Orginal Scar is Axilliary?

My crease was lowered to fit the implants in will this lowered crease heal up back to my normal crease. I'm concerned if I use the crease to remove them how do they find my... READ MORE

After Breast Implant Removal my Right Breast Crease is Higher, Can This Be Fixed?

Before my removal the right one hurt on the outer side and after breast implant removal I had pulling pains in the right only and that breast crease has moved up more than the... READ MORE

Right Breast Still Hurts After Implants Removed?

My right breast hurt with my implants in it started about 3 months out of my BA , I couldn't accept the size and pain and had them removed , I still think about what if my ps... READ MORE

5 months after my removal, still having pain in breasts? (photo)

I'm very petite and got 350 silicone. I started noticing this constant pain in my right breast that constantly bothers me , during my healing never had no pain in left ? I... READ MORE

Can I get implants again after removal?

I removed my implants after 5 months because of pain and the size was too big. Can I get implants again I'm just wondering because my capsules were left behind will this cause... READ MORE

Can a scar capsule be removed a year after implants have been removed?

My right breast has gave me problems since I got BA and even after I removed them in this same spot, my X rays showed two solid masses on each of my breast mid sides, but the... READ MORE

Could one of my lymph nodes be pushed out to my midside breast during tranxaxillary BA? (Photo)

I started having pain and developed a swollen lymph node that was irritating me on my lower midside breast ,my ps ignored my complaints and it felt like a nerve had been... READ MORE

Could have my BA triggered a imflammed lymph node on my side breast rib area? Constant problems a year after removal. (Photo)

I had a BA tranx and went to large for my small frame and developed a lump on my right side breast I kept telling my ps it bothered me it was hurting me on that side. Well I... READ MORE

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Dr Boyd don't got computer imaging or sizer you must have been special READ COMMENT


You will one of mine did the same thing it was up higher and pulled down when I used my muscles . The scar tissue finally relax and there about even now about 2 yrs later. READ COMMENT

I forgot there probably raised because the stitches hasn't dissolved that takes about a month or two . Use silicon strips soon as your wound closes your scars probably look bigger in the photos anyway they will disappear in time your... READ COMMENT

My doc put mine in under my arms also 350 silicon my scars were about 2 inches and neat but some raised spot this is were the massaging scar made em flatter out they will not be noticeable in about 4 months. READ COMMENT