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Hi Sophie- I am still really upset about this crazy indented scar and it has been 1.5 years!! Maybe one day I will have the courage to get something done about it. My thinking now is that they may just make it worse. Anyhow, I will keep... READ COMMENT

Hi- I have had 3 of the 4 BBL treatments already with some improvement in the redness overall. It is actually a friend (doctor) of my husband whose office is doing them and they are aware of my experience so they are VERY careful and... READ COMMENT

Hi Sophie- how are things going with your scar? Did you manage to resolve it? I am still hesitant to try to remedy mine although I am doing 4 BBL treatments from a different salon to attack the overall redness (mild rosacea) on my face.... READ COMMENT

I am sorry that this happened to you too. 1 in 1000- I don't believe that at all! I am only using the Retin-A for now and will wait about one year to pursue anything else- enough time to allow the scar to heal (was advised by a plastic... READ COMMENT

Hi- yes, the veins are fine lines on the side of my nose as is now, the indented scar! It isn't a huge scar (maybe 3 mm) but of course I am mad also because I was not told of this potential risk and would have never done the treatment... READ COMMENT