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Breastfeeding After Capsular Contracture Surgery?

I have to get my implants replaced due to capsular contracture but im not done having children. Is it possible to breastfeed after a second breast surgery? My breasts are... READ MORE

What Does a Capsulectomy Involve?

Hi! I have subglandular breast implants that are both of them capsular contracted. As i have read a capsular contracture is a capsule of skin that sorrounds the implant. These... READ MORE

Brazillian Butt Augmentation Can Only Be Done with Your Fat? (photo)

Im skinny and im thinking about getting a butt augmentation with fat injections ( not implants!!),I just want a little more volume... however if i dont have enough fat to have... READ MORE

Is There Only One Way to Do a BBL? Do Every Surgeon Know How to Perform Correctly a BBL? (photo)

I want a BBL. i went for a consult with my PS to see if im a good candidate for a BBL, he said that theres no much fat but enough andthat he will perform a lipo and inject... READ MORE

Small Diastasis Recti, Options for Repair? (photo)

Hi! I had a baby almost 2 years ago. I think i have a small diastasis, i researched and i did the "exercise" so you can confirm it. I have a maybe 4-5 finger gasp in between my... READ MORE

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How many cc's do i need to have injected in each butt to improve volume?

Im planning on having a BBL but me PS says i dont have too much fat but enough for what im looking for.. Im very concerned, i dont want to go thru this process and not having a... READ MORE