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Yes, he is by far the most professional and nicest cosmetic surgeon I have met. Feel really confident and comfortable with him. READ COMMENT

I've had consults with Dr. Nettle and Dr. Marcells. I did have to wait quite a while for an appointment with Dr. Nettle but obviously Cosmetic surgeons perform many different types of procedures, not just rhinoplasty. I preferred Dr.... READ COMMENT

Some before and after pics would be good, even if you black your eyes out to avoid being identified. Thanks READ COMMENT

I am treating a small black ( ex black) panther on my back with TCa. I started with 25% dilute and have now moved up to 50%. It frosts okay and the more often I apply it the quicker it peels. No sign of the skin thinning and iti s... READ COMMENT

I had Aquamid injected into my nasolabial folds, instant result and still looking good after 18 months. Then I had a small amount injected into my vermillion borders to stop lipstick bleed and to increase my lip size.It cost me $900.00... READ COMMENT