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Questions from racheallynn

Can a Dome Stitch Done to the Tip of my Nose Be Removed or Loosened?

I had a revision rhinoplasty done about six months ago and my surgeon used a dome stitch to the tip of my nose without my knowledge. I really liked my tip presurgery, and asked... READ MORE

Can Nostrils Be Relengthened or Widened After Reduction?

I had a revision rhinoplasty in which my nostrils were reduced, and now they appear far too small for my tip (from frontal view they are barely visible, it just looks like I... READ MORE

Can Having Your Nose Broken Cause Premature Facial Aging?

I have had multiple rhinoplasties, and in each operation my nose was further broken in. I was wondering if this could have an effect on the rest of my face and the way it has... READ MORE

Revision on a Discolored Nose?

Hello, I'm about six months out from a revision rhinoplasty in which I believe my skin was thinned. I am a fair skinned caucasian so I don't think that if there was skin... READ MORE

Best surgeons for reconstruction?

Who are the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons preferably in Los Angeles, or really anywhere at this point, for rebuilding bridges and tips that have been overly deprojected?... READ MORE

Discussions started by racheallynn

Has anyone had revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Spencer Cochran

Hello, I am looking into Dr. Spencer Cochran for a third and very complicated revision. I haven't found too many actual revision patients of his and I was wondering if anyone... READ MORE

Help choosing a doctor!

Hello all, So, I need to choose a surgeon in a few weeks and I am stuck between Dr. Cochran and Dr. Shah. This is really hard for me, and I just want to make sure that I get... READ MORE

Dr. Motykie or Dr. Ghavami for revision rhinoplasty?

Sorry if I posted this twice. But I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with either Dr. Ghavami or Dr. Motykie for a revision rhinoplasty? I love both of their... READ MORE

Has anyone had a revision with Dr. Rod Rohrich?

Has anyone here had a revision rhinoplasty or a primary with Dr. Rohrich? I am thinking of going to him for a very complex revision and I would love to hear about any personal... READ MORE

Recent comments from racheallynn

Hi Anna, Thank you for posting there aren't very many reviews for Dr. Guyuron on here. I was wondering if Dr. Guyuron performed a rhinoplasty on you? I am interested in going to him for a very complicated revision most likely with rib. READ COMMENT

I am very happy that you have a good revision result:) I really liked Dr. Guyuron during my consultation with him and I'm considering him for what will most likely be a rib revision. Can I ask if you had rib grafts or ear grafts? Also... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks beautiful!! Can I ask if he used anything for grafting like rib or ear? Also do you know if your surgeon does many revisions? READ COMMENT

Hi, how did your surgery go? I hope that you are happy:) READ COMMENT

I would also love to see pics if you can share. I'm also considering him for a revision after multiple failed attempts to correct my nose. READ COMMENT