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Is Revision Rhino/Chin Augment/Lip Reduction Even Possible? And if Yes, How Much Will It Cost? (photo)

I'm 20,male.And I've a Deviated Nasal Septum,for which I've been operated once(Septoplasty+FESS) But,not only my septum remains deviated, but my nose has got a... READ MORE

What is the Nonsurgical Treatment for Mandible Asymmetry if There is One? (Photo)

I have a mandible asymmetry, that pretty much looks like the image below (The cheekbone of one side appears to be bulging out while the jaw below it seems lacking) .Though it's... READ MORE

How Can I Get This Facial Asymmetry Corrected? (photo)

So I have this facial asymmetry, which is though, not very noticeable from a distance, but still I wish to get it corrected. It makes my lips look slightly crooked too. How... READ MORE

Is There a Limit Up to Which Lips May Be Reduced? (photo)

I have a thick philtrum area and big protruding lips. I have seen several before and after photos of lip reduction, but I have noticed that there is hardly any change. Is there... READ MORE