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I replied to you but was thinking of another post. Sorry:-( but yes, email anytime, I can give you my number if you'd like to talk. Robbie READ COMMENT

I saw your reply on the fraxel. It's not for everyone, nothing is. I would like to know how your next procedure goes, please let me know! And my email is ***@ READ COMMENT

Yes, I have had it. I have had and will continue to have. Laser DUAL, 1927. ONLY..on a low setting. Try it, if you like it, great. If you try it on a low setting and don't like it, you're no worse off. Good luck, be positive. Rid your... READ COMMENT

Sure you can! Can you email me at my regular email? I'd rather not post my phone number here:-) I'm at *** and then If I try to type the whole thing together in this format, it won't let me send it. So email and I will send... READ COMMENT

Ok, this is my last post. I've had many people email me asking my for info on my experience, but no one seems to want to actually TALK to me. I'm offerieng my phone number, and I will share with you everything I know. I've been... READ COMMENT