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You are right! Laser can be really bad for Melasma..but the Fraxel Dual isn't HOT, and you can control the depth of the laser energy. It's great, I really like it. I wish you well and whatever you do, do it "lightly", and "gently".... READ COMMENT

I've had fraxel DUAL 1927, that's the ONLY laser you should have on Melasma. All the others are too harsh. I did mine on the lowest setting, a 5, and I've done it 3 times in 2 years. I love it. There are higher settings depending on the... READ COMMENT

I haven't hear of recell, but I'll look into it. READ COMMENT

I am your success story:-) please read my replies to Lisaully and other gals, about my experience with fraxel DUAL 1927 laser. It's new, it's great, and used on low low settings, it's not even all that risky. Check it out. And also read... READ COMMENT

Please read my replies to everyone else about the fraxel and the new fraxel DUAL. Pls. check that out. And also please see my comments about parabens. take care READ COMMENT