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Hello Canadian Alien! A lot of people have natural pixie-ish ears...I think they're cute. It's my understanding, though, they can be corrected without much difficulty if they make you unhappy. I hope you have great luck w/ your... READ COMMENT

LOL, Fixmyface!! I LIKE "do do great" - I think it should become our official cheer! READ COMMENT

The very best of luck and BIG blessings wished for you, Mexicolou! I'm sure we will all be thinking of you on Thursday! I am so envious of you girls recently getting to do your surgery...I've had mine scheduled TWICE and had to cancel... READ COMMENT

Zekeaboyz, if I am reading and understanding correctly, you are annoyed that no one is answering "the question posed" in this thread. And it seems to bother you further that people don't discuss only that question. Firstly, I am fairly... READ COMMENT

"Clutter up this thread" ??!! Sweet, silly, gorgeous girl! YOU are a very gentle, caring person who has reached out to several ladies here. You've done so by sharing knowledge, offering your spirit of friendship and support! You have... READ COMMENT