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When I first had my brows tattooed, they were dark and stayed that was for 4 weeks. I went back and my artist lightened them. After 2 weeks they were dark again. I just got them lightened again 3 weeks ago, but they are still not... READ COMMENT

Hi jmcaul, I was wondering how long it took for your top layer to peel off your eyebrows. I've been 2x to have mine lightened, and this is the only time I saw any flaking. They are getting lighter, so that makes me happy. I'm glad... READ COMMENT

Hi jmcaul, did it take a few weeks for the top layer of pigment to shed off? I just had my brows lightened 8 days ago, and only a tiny bit of skin came off. Do you think the rest will come off in a few weeks? I really loved the color... READ COMMENT

Hi Duffey, I would be going back to her. She had no business talking you into getting your brows done. I'd be leary of anyone who did this. It should be your decision, and you should be the one asking for the procedure. I wish you luck.... READ COMMENT

Hi Lana. I went in and had my brows lightened a few days ago. I am so happy with the results I could just s--t! My artist said that because a student worked on me, that I didn't experience the scabbing and flaking that was supposed to... READ COMMENT