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ABSCAPES: Abdominoplasty for Men - Scottsdale, AZ

Just the term Tummy Tuck grossed me out. As soon as I created the new terminology I was more apt to move forward with investigating this procedure. When I heard that only about 6000 men had this procedure last year it made me think, then I looked around at all the dudes and realized they don't... READ MORE

Posterior Belt Lipectomy - Scottsdale, AZ

I took 1 year post-op photos of my abdominoplasty (Abscape procedure) and also had my friend take a picture of my backs musculuture since I have been exercising regularly since the "tummy tuck" (I hate that word for guys). There in the photo was the evil twin of flab that used to be on my belly.... READ MORE

Man Boobs Bye Bye - Scottsdale, AZ

I was at John L. Williams office today for pre-op consult and off the cuff (because I had been reading about Gynecomastia on REAL-SELF) asked about my chest. Even though I work out It is still flabby and not flat. So after a few minutes of examination he said on a scale of 1-10 I am a 3 with... READ MORE

scaraway strips

I have had male abdominoplasty and rear belt lipectomy surgeries one year apart. Of course the scars were an issue in my mind long before the procedures. The other day i was cleaning the bathroom and found 2 used SCARAWAY strips still in great condition and wanted to tell you about my experience... READ MORE

Questions from ABSCAPE

Are There Pre-surgery Exercises or Stretches to Help Alleviate TT Recovery Back Pain? (photo)

I've read several reviews on the back pain patients have during recovery from TT. I can see that the spine (lumbar musculature) would not be accustomed to holding our upper... READ MORE

I Have Strange and Sometimes Painful Nerve Pain After Abdominoplasty, in Non-surgical Part of Body?

There is a side effect I am experiencing: a very sharp nasty nerve pain on the left side of my chestIf I scratch or bump this area the nerve response feels like I'm being... READ MORE

Discussions started by ABSCAPE

MENS ROOM: Guys Want To Look Good Too.

Dudes, the mirror in bathroom treats us equally. I wasn't pregnant with any of my kids but carried the beer gut as if I was pregnant for over 30 years. The intra-abdominal fat... READ MORE

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Rear Belt Lipectomy is basically a butt lift, a tummy tuck for the backside but there is no tightening of the muscles like with abdominoplasty. It's an easy recovery and if the patient has been weightlifting to build the glute muscles... READ COMMENT

I just need to find someone willing to take a picture of my rear end/backside. In the mirror I'm real happy. I no longer have love handles either because of the lipo. I'll post pictures soon. The whole process turned out real well. READ COMMENT

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I had the same surgery last October and some members recently asked how I was doing, so I thought I'd see who else is enjoying the changes only a surgeon can make. READ COMMENT

I even considered pec implants but they are costly and painful. Your flank lipo is going to be sore. ALEVE really helped with the painful inflammation. Once the drains are out in a couple days there is relief. You will be living in a... READ COMMENT

I'm happy to post everything here. I read all sorts of stuff on here and it really helped out. I was the only man in a group forum JULY TUMMY TUCKERS on REALSELF and we became great friends in the journey. If I was embarrased I... READ COMMENT