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Pinktreasure The fine print said if you not satisfied you have to paid again, I'm goin to wait n have some lipo done , don't knw where yet I'm afraid to wasted my $ . Again, I paid 4500 in NYEE + 75 const fee READ COMMENT

You look fantastic, here they don't body like in DR ,, wow I had a tt here , no one notice the different ,, READ COMMENT

I had a tm in NYEE on 3/13, I'm not happy cuz my tummy wasn't tha big I'm 5 tall n 130 pds , I still have a roll went i seat n no weist , so plse do your research. Look at his work , I'm not happy so I said I got what I paid 4 it... READ COMMENT

Dr x didi my 2 waist it $$$$$ too, still have my muffin top square like box , n left me haft of my belly he said wit a little work out that go away yea rite ,,, good personality ,, don't tell you at front if the sergury don't come out... READ COMMENT

I had tt 2 wit Dr x , no good I have no waist n a belly still , big REGRET wast it my $$$$ , n didn't have a big belly no one have notice either READ COMMENT