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Carol, and thank you for yours. You have been a great help as well as all the other wonderful people on this board. Are you sure the improvements you have been seeing is because of the microlipo and not the 5FU? So far I've had only... READ COMMENT

I did some reading online for 5fu and its used for cancer. I don't know how a chemo drug is able to remove clumps of only scar tissue in your face without harming other tissue, some of these cosmetic surgeons don't know what they're... READ COMMENT

Unoq, you are a lot smarter than I am and I wish I hadn't been so trusting of him. 5-fu doesn't work at all on Dr. L's grafts but hes endorsing how he uses it to fix other doctor's grafts. I just... don't understand this individual. READ COMMENT

Thank you Miss Hines. READ COMMENT

Thank you for the kind words Good! READ COMMENT