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I'm getting an iron transfusion right now as I type to u with my left And will be in Cipla tmrw to schedule an appointment with Yily. Best of luck. READ COMMENT

Hello. I just arrived the DR early this morning and I swear ur reassurances did me a world of good. I'm staying at the Real Tropical Recovery Home ( so far so good) I'm co U READ COMMENT

Girl, I don't know u but I already know ur a diamond! ur going to get all the happiness u deserve and when it comes you now have the perfect ASS to sit and enjoy it alllllllllllll. READ COMMENT

After reading ur review Im seriously considering Upscale recovery house now cuz I KNOW u'd have shot them straight down if they were no good! READ COMMENT

Your blog is loads of fun to read. Ur so reallllll and I LOVE IT! Im going to Yily next month and reading your journey has me fully prepared for what to expect. Congratulations on ur new booty. READ COMMENT