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How can you be sure what you are getting?

How can you be sure you are getting a tissue and muscle lifting facelift that will last approximately ten years and not one that will fall in a year or two? My friend had a... READ MORE

If you have a face/neck lift under local and oral sedation, will you be wearing a hospital gown?

I know you need to wear a top that you can take off easily after the surgery, as it may be soiled and most people get into something like comfy pj's and rest or sleep once they... READ MORE

Why do some doctors want you to wear a compression garment after a FL/NL for a period of time, and others do not require this?

If it keeps down swelling, why wouldn't all doctors require this? Also,....Is it better to just let the scabing or crusts from the incision stitches dry and fall off by... READ MORE

Is this a lip lift?

Recent photos of Madonna at the Met Gala after party show her with a fuller, upturned upper lip, shorter distance from lip to base of nose, and upper tooth show. Does anyone... READ MORE

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Has anyone had a facelift with Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich in NYC?

Anything you can tell me about your experience and your result would be greatly appreciated! READ MORE

How is your facelift, 2 or more years post-op?

Hi Real Self Posters!         As women (for the most part) we spend quite a bit of money we have worked hard for for our facelifts!   We also have... READ MORE

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These posts are not showing for some reason! READ COMMENT

Hi,....Glad you are healing nicely! I tried to do yard work at 4 weeks out, and found that I was having my head down too much and felt blood rushing to my head, making it feel heavier, when I was picking up leaves, so I stopped! ... READ COMMENT

I went out on day 6, but the only thing I had done was a facelift and necklift.....no eyes and no fat transfer, so the only bruising was on the sides of my face. I wore the bandage and had a soft scarf that covered my neck and the... READ COMMENT

I wore mine round the clock for the first 7 days.....taking it off for maybe 10 minutes every several hours or so. The second week (day 8 to 14) I wore it when I was at home and at night. It I went out, it took it off....but,... READ COMMENT

Wow! Alone in Mexico for surgery! You are brave! Sounds like it will all work out fine! I think you asked how long before you can sleep on your side? I think never! Facelift or not, sleeping on your side only encourages jowls... READ COMMENT