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Will Latisse Work on Permed/tinted Eyelshes?

I perm and tint my eyelashes evey six seeks and was wondering if this would affect the efficacy of latisse. Are getting eyelashes permed/tinted a bad idea to begin with? READ MORE

Will a Physical Sunscreen Work on Top of a Moisturizer or Makeup?

My sunscreen is titanium dioxide/zinc oxide based and I often reapply it throughout the day on top of my makeup in order to maintain protection. Is this effective at blocking... READ MORE

What Should I Do First: Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel and How Far Apart Should I Schedule Them?

I am going to begin a series of IPL, microdermabrasions and chemical peels. Which should I begin with, in what order and how far apart should I schedule them? Just looking for... READ MORE

Are There Any Topical Creams That Get Rid of Broken Capillaries?

I suffer from rosacea and was wondering if there was an alternative to laser treatments. READ MORE

How Long is a Physical Sunblock Effective Before It Needs to Be Reapplied?

How often must I reapply a zinc oxide/titanium dioxide sunscreen? READ MORE

How Many Nights a Week Should I Use Retin-A (For Aging and Acne) if I Have Rosacea?

My skin isn't particularly sensitive; i've developed a reistance to retinol over the years but I do have mild rosacea and was told that Retin-A would aggravate it. I still want... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Renova and Retin-A?

Is there a significant difference in anti-aging benefits with different strengths in either (.025-.1)? READ MORE

Does Sunscreen Work over Makeup?

For touch ups during the day when I dont' have time to wash everything off and reapply? READ MORE

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