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I don't know. I'm sure the swelling will eventually go down but your stomach shouldn't be hard, right? READ COMMENT

@ bootyinned I asked him. He said its seroma. He said worst case I would just go the my nearest hospital. READ COMMENT

Sorry for typo: I meant your not you're. I was on a conf call. I flew to LA two weeks ago. I asked him and he told me in some cases its seroma. I've asked only one girl who stomach looks the same but she never replied. Let me know his... READ COMMENT

I'm having surgery with Hazani. You're shape is perfect! You're stomach and private area looks really swollen. Have the swelling gone down? I've noticed this area is swollen on a lot is his patients. READ COMMENT

I agree. You already have a nice shape. You can only imagine how you're going to look afterwards. I want Dr. S to do my BBL but he's booked up until 2017. My consultation isn't until May 2016. :( I'm thinking about going with Dr.... READ COMMENT