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Is There a Logical Explanation to Why my Nose (I Am 19 Days Post Op) Looks So Great in Person but Absolutely Horrid in Pictures?

I had a ton of bruising and swelling. i actually bruised on my lower cheeks as well from swelling up so much. i am an extremely slow healer so i wasnt too shocked. I looked... READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils with Closed Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty 3 1/2 weeks ago. i have my bridge worked on and narrowing of the tip. i didnt have a hump or a bump but a very slight curve, i think maybe a C shaped... READ MORE

I Had a Rhino 9 Weeks Ago Around 6 Weeks I Noticed a Lump?

On the right side of my bridge. in person, not too noticeable unless i point it out. when i push down on it, it completely goes away. is it too soon for me to be concerned... READ MORE

Lump on Bridge. What Are my Options to Correct?

The lump is located on right side of bridge. profile view on both sides are perfect. the bump is where bone and cartilage meet and i can push it down but it is very localized... READ MORE

Bump on Side of Bridge, What Are my Options to Correct?

Hello, i had my surgery 15 weeks ago. ive been trying to be patient about a lump on the right side of my bridge and although its improved some, it is still there. its right... READ MORE

Revision Osteotomy on Right Side Only

Hello. I am a bit over a year post op and am scheduled for a revision in september. My right nasal bone is slightly flared compared to my left giving a bit of an asymmetrical... READ MORE