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I hope you heal soon. Just remember it's what's on the inside that counts. You still look fabulous READ COMMENT

Night sweats, I mean. The nurses said it was just healing but then I had a hole open up in the bottom of my boob you could stick a pencil into and a lot of fluid came out. Turns out I was running a temperature because of staph infection READ COMMENT

They are going to be FABULOUS! Recliner is a total godsend, hope your healing goes great READ COMMENT

It hurts a LOT! Pay close attention to your sutures. I was sweating a lot a few weeks after mine, turns out I had a staph infection. I iced mine, I wish I had done it for longer. I also should have asked for a bigger dose of pain meds... READ COMMENT

Good luck! You are super skinny, I think girls that have less body fat have a harder time with implants READ COMMENT