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Length of Garment After to the Knee Cellulaze?

What should the garment length be after Cellulaze to the knee front and back? Just below the knee or to the mid-calf? Asking because it is now warm weather and wondering how to... READ MORE

Bigger Belly After Smartlipo Still After Almost 3 Weeks, How Long Before for It Will Shrink And/or Heal?

I had Smartlipo MPX 18 days ago, knees, inner thighs and upper and lower abdomen, a total of 600cc from these areas was removed. I am ideal body weight with those areas never... READ MORE

How Long After Cellulaze to Back of Thighs Before Smartlipo Can Performed on Same Area?

I recently had Cellulaze, just wondering if Smartlipo could be performed on the same area below the Buttock, "Banana Roll" is what I think I have heard this referred as?? I... READ MORE

Spider Veins After Cellulaze?

So after having Cellulaze almost 2 weeks out I now have spider veins on my thighs along with the cellulite that does not look any better what so ever at this point, bruising is... READ MORE

Is Endermologie Helpful After Cellulaze to Speed Process?

I understand Velashape and Smoothshapes speed up the recovery process after Cellulaze, I have no local providers in my area for either. I do have Endermolgie close by that I... READ MORE

Cellulaze Still Working 4.5 Months Out?

I still feel "twinges" and a soreness if my legs are touched too much, could this be still progress I keep hoping? I am not very pleased with my results thus far, had front and... READ MORE

Will a Second Cellulaze Procedure Help?

I am over 6 months out from my Cellulaze procedure and my Dr is agreeable to a repeat and thinks it will help. Results where obviously not great. I have been quoted half the... READ MORE

Large Lumps After Cellulaze?

I am 22 days after a re-touch Cellulaze and have lumps like never before, first procedure that is. There are several, one the size of a golf ball. They are hard so not a... READ MORE

Cellulaze with No or Minimal Results?

With so many ladies now past the 3 and 6 landmarks the Dr's spoke of with no or bare minimal results, is it possible it could be directly related to the Surgeon not replacing... READ MORE

What is the Size of a Square on the Grid for Cellulaze?

I have read a square was 2x2cm and also read 5x5cm, a full grid being 12 squares? Also equal to a piece of 8x11.5" paper a grid has been compared to. Are there different... READ MORE

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Cellulaze Not Worth It Reviews?

As the number of not worth it reviews climbs, does anyone have a suggestions to what might be going wrong with this "one" time treatment? It seems woman that were deemed good... READ MORE

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LOL so true, no gamble there!! READ COMMENT

This was not CELLULAZE this review should be under the name of the procedure that was performed. Not Cellulaze reviews. READ COMMENT

Hi Brittany, two years later how are your Cellulaze results? I must say mine are nonexistent. I want to review my Dr but I sort of said I wouldn't since he "redid" my procedures (2) cheap and actually refunded me a small amount that I... READ COMMENT

Yes why not state the name of the procedure your link was also deleted by this website READ COMMENT

What is the name of this procedure and why do you show $3500 if you are a test patient? READ COMMENT