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After Eyebrow Hair Implants, Fear of Rubbing Area While Sleeping?

I am getting eyebrow implants in a few weeks. I am concerned about sleeping as the area needs to be uncovered and untouched for 4 -7 days. My Dr has told me to sleep on my back... READ MORE

Will Fat Simply Migrate to Another Area After Vaser Liposuction?

I've wanted Liposuction on my thighs for years.However, I have major concerns. I'm around 130lbs and am slightly pear shaped but overall, I have an ok shape and don't carry... READ MORE

Syringoma Removal Approx Cost?

I have Syringoma under my eyes and in the tear trough area with a few above my eyelid. I would say there are approx 20-30. My problem is that before I pay for a consultation... READ MORE

Eyebrow Implants Growing in Wrong Direction, How Can I Fix This?

I had FUE eyebrow implants 12weeks ago to add another 50% to the hairs that were already there.Approx 40% of the hairs that have grown through are now growing away from my face... READ MORE

Fat in New Areas After Vaser/Lipo?

I am wanting to have Vaser on my inner & outer thighs but the more research I have been doing the more I am unsure.Can a Dr please shed some light on the evidence mounting... READ MORE

Bunionectomy? (photo)

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op for a bilateral bunionectomy and bunionettes. I have been told by my surgeon to not wiggle or move my big toes at all in the 6 week recovery period of... READ MORE

Volume loss after long term use of botox around upper cheek area. Can I regain?

I've had botox for 12yrs in my forehead & since 30,crows feet with a tiny amount under my lower eye lids.Today I saw one of the UK's top non surgical practitioners, he told... READ MORE

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Has anyone experienced weight or width gain after Vaser Lipo a year + after surgery?

I am wanting to have Vaser on my inner & outer thighs but the more research I have been doing the more I am unsure. Can anyone please shed some light on the evidence... READ MORE