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Good Job with No Bedside Manner - Minneapolis, MN

My procedure was fine. But I am chalking that up to being healthy and take good care of myself. Keeping up with prescribed medication and resting is key to feeling better sooner. I was laid up for a good three days, out of being careful. After that just have to take things slow and take care of... READ MORE

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Why is This So Weird Looking? Is This Part of Normal Healing? (Breast Lift with 234cc Silicone Under) (photo)

Ok...I know you get this question constently. But please understand that not only thisis a expensive purchase that I REALLY want to take care of...but its my body. Just want... READ MORE

Do I Have Options? Tighteness, Uneven Breasts? (photo)

I was told I had to 'live with it.' When laying down, L breast is 'tight' and sits higher than other. I feel the money I spent, I shouldn't have to 'live' with something that's... READ MORE

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I also had a lift. I had 234cc in L and R. I believe the lift gave me a cup size in itself. I went from a B to a C. A very saggy B to a very full C. I am happy, but the Dr REFUSES to see anything wrong. I've had issues w/L since 8 days... READ COMMENT

Thanks. Just wish leftie would join righties team. :( I'm not gonna ask on the Dr section again. If doesn't get better in a cuple months, I'm gonna go to a diff PS and get his opinion. (This PS is my daughters. She's had multiple... READ COMMENT

Scrappy37....Thanks. I know. I have been massaging the hunk of scar issue in hopes it breaks up. I do love them... just worry about the one with scar tissue cuz its so much more numb...and when I lay down I can feel the ridge of the... READ COMMENT

Stupid question maybe. Let me try and explain..all you breast augmented people, when you raise you arm up, and look on the outside of your breast, there's the outline of implant. The nice outline of boob. What is that called? I only... READ COMMENT

Good for you also. Huge accomplishments. Excersise will always be there. Keep your diet in check, you'll be good. That is key. I live in MN. Have all my life. Its dable, for now. Who knows what my older years will bring. Lol. READ COMMENT