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The Dreaded DROOP. Awful 1st Time Experience.

I'm a skin specialist working within a physician-directed clinic and one of the perks is that I am given free botox and fillers. (I entered $500 in the cost-section as this is what I would be paying were I not an employee as well as it being a required field.) I've always taken... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 2 Kids. I Want to Feel on the Outside the Way I Feel on the Inside. - Vancouver, BC

I had my 1st child when I was 20 and my body bounced back decently enough. I've never been confident with the way I look ( I can count on one hand the # of times I've been in a bikini in front of people). I should say, also that at 24 I had a unilateral breast reduction and lift on my left... READ MORE

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Unfortunately I'm notified via email of each and every message that is posted. I'm sorry, but REALLY. This individual is essentially threatening suicide (even with her young child in her care) and we are all trying to give her support... READ COMMENT

Please seek professional help and stop obbsessively posting on here. READ COMMENT

Wow, you sound EXACTLY like I did a few months back. Long story short, the same neanderthal brow-drop happened to me. I was horrified, depressed, angry, embarrassed, you name it. I thought "What the EFF have I done?" All I can say... READ COMMENT

Thanks Frozen, I appreciate your advice and sweet words. :) I'm just over 3 wks past and am seeing an improvement. I went out for a big family dinner lastnight for my hubby's birthday and it was the first time since I had the injections... READ COMMENT

Megan, thank you so much for your response. Those links were great and have actually given me some relief. "Botoxissue" I'm so sorry to hear about your chin injection. I imagine you probably feel self-concious as well; not the greatest... READ COMMENT