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It's Obagi Nu Derm #3. It retails for like $100, but the ps' office just gave me a bottle. READ COMMENT

I'm supposed to use the cream 2-3 times/day for a couple months. It already seems to be working on a spot where my drain tubing marked up my tummy. Those marks are almost more annoying than the TT incision because they're all over my... READ COMMENT

"left dude" wth?! Stupid iPhone auto correct! That's supposed to be "left side" :-) READ COMMENT

My bb keeps wanting to spit stitches now too! I think I've pulled out three little pieces including two knots. And here I thought it was all healed up! I pulled two or three from my TT incision too. One knot on the left dude where I... READ COMMENT

Lol. Thanks. It's just what I do - lift weights. I avoid cardio. So I figured starting really light, like just my body, and lots of reps would be my "cardio" Tried doing a plank this morning, starting from flat on the ground to the... READ COMMENT