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Well I've Taken the First Step!!! Sugarland, TX

When I was 13 I had fried eggs for breasts - I even stuffed my training bra! I used to cry myself to sleep & pray that God would give me some girls to hang around with - a bit of foreshadowing there! I was 14, went to bed with fried eggs, woke up with melons (my grade 9 nickname - oh what fun!)... READ MORE

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Breast Lift/reduction and Hip/stomach Liposuction; What Would You Suggest For Large Breasts?

My hip/shoulders dislocate - from medical condition! I have extremely large breasts - 40 I - they are pendulous weigh about 9lbs each! I have a lot of fat/skin around my waist... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Without Nipple Trauma Possible?

I am the lady with the 40I breasts! Even though I desperately need a reduction! The thought of having no sensation & reconstructed nipples is VERY upsetting! Why does there... READ MORE

When Can You Fly After Breast Reduction and Lipo?

I am strongly considering having my surgery done in the States - if my doctors keep insisting on giving me a graft for my nipples! IF I were to do this - I understand that each... READ MORE

Do We Have to Have Smaller Areolas?

I am contemplating a breast lift with reduction - I have a K cup breast - heavy and uncomfortable. I will obviously have to also get a reduction. The problem I have is scaring!... READ MORE

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With the pictures are you laying down? As they appear to be off to the side! I hope you are healing well, I hope he can address the swelling and other issues for you! Be on top of him if he waffs you off - that's for sure! READ COMMENT

Don't just wait for him to culture it, DEMAND that he does it! There is no use him giving you an antibiotic - that you don't feel is working - when it could quite possibly be TOTALLY wrong! It sounds like you are a lovely lady and don't... READ COMMENT

THANKYOU! That brought a tear to my eye! I'm going ahead with the surgery, but I have to wait for me to be totally healed. I have looked at more breasts than I can count!! LOL In my never ending quest to end up with nice looking... READ COMMENT

It's such a shame that they didn't do that for you! There's always all these extras isn't there? READ COMMENT

It's fine to be not happy with your results - which is a shame! What is NOT fine is when you go about either sending private emails to people and calling them liars or that they must work for Dr. Horndeski. I have the utmost sympathy... READ COMMENT