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Breast Lift/reduction and Hip/stomach Liposuction; What Would You Suggest For Large Breasts?

My hip/shoulders dislocate - from medical condition! I have extremely large breasts - 40 I - they are pendulous weigh about 9lbs each! I have a lot of fat/skin around my waist... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Without Nipple Trauma Possible?

I am the lady with the 40I breasts! Even though I desperately need a reduction! The thought of having no sensation & reconstructed nipples is VERY upsetting! Why does there... READ MORE

When Can You Fly After Breast Reduction and Lipo?

I am strongly considering having my surgery done in the States - if my doctors keep insisting on giving me a graft for my nipples! IF I were to do this - I understand that each... READ MORE

Do We Have to Have Smaller Areolas?

I am contemplating a breast lift with reduction - I have a K cup breast - heavy and uncomfortable. I will obviously have to also get a reduction. The problem I have is scaring!... READ MORE

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When I read this I went on his site - as it made me a bit nervous - it does say "A non-refundable $1,000 deposit is required to save/schedule your surgery." I understand it's a LOT to swallow, but it seems to be the norm - when I've... READ COMMENT

The surgeon I met with - in Calgary - wanted to take me from my present meausrement (and L or M - depending on the bra) to a small C!!! I haven't been a small C since I was 13 years old. Also he told me I would definitely loose my... READ COMMENT

Because of the fact that you saw only 6 photos and there weren't any for lifts, I would be investigating a bit more. Did you mention to him why most of the nipples were uneven? Also ask him if he does reconstruction IF they do end up... READ COMMENT

The BEST bras are from Britain - they make them larger cups etc. Also Poland - Ewa Michalak makes fantastic bras! After the swelling goes down, go get professionally fitted then order online. What you think is a D could actually be... READ COMMENT

Boy your breasts look familiar to me!! LOL I thought it was me for a second!! LOL I am THRILLED for you - being covered by insurance! I have decided I will be going to Texas - to have it done by Dr. Horndeski - as there is less scaring!... READ COMMENT