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WORKS For Eyebrows!!! Use It!!

I had really thin eyebrows all my life. I was looking for a solution. After some online research I have found Lumigan on realself, it had good rating so I found a local dermatologist that was familiar with this kind of treatment. I used 1 Drop for each brow everyday for the past 9 months, I... READ MORE

Questions from David30603060

How Long After Radiesse Injections do I Wait to Get Surgery on Nose and Chin?

I went through a Radiesse injection in the nose and chin, the results are good but I'd rather prefer a nose job and chin implant in the future, how long should I wait so it... READ MORE

How to Use Lumigan Correctly on the Eyebrows?

1. What is the best way to imply Lumigan correctly on the eyebrows? 2. Is using ear-stick is good? 3. Does the liquid need to touch the skin? 4. The drops are really small,... READ MORE

Do I Need Lip Augmentation? (photo)

I'm a 22 years old male, When I look straight forward on my self my upper lip looks smaller from the lower lip (first picture), but if I lift my head up a little bit my... READ MORE

How Can I Improve the Look of my Chest (male)? (photo)

I don't really like the shape of my chest, there is little muscle, and little fat. I got checked the for Gynecomastia and I don't have it. In there any way I can improve the... READ MORE

A Way to Change the Nipples Look? (photo)

I'm 22 years old, I'd like to know if there is a way to make my nipples permanently erected? I got a small body size (60Kg, 170 m') I got checked twice for Gynecomastia (and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant After Radiesse Injections (Waiting Period)?

I was injected to my nose and chin 18months ago, IMO my chin is like 90% back the way it was before and my nose is like 60% or so. I have been at number of consultations with... READ MORE

17 Days PO, worried that my surgeon removed too much bone, crooked up bridge. What's your opinion?

I had Rhinoplasty and chin Implant 17 days ago. My previous nose wasn't bad at all, I just wanted to "refine" it. Now I'm 17 days post operation, I know that it's too early to... READ MORE

6+ weeks post OP Rhinoplasty, nose looks very flat and unnatural. Worried about the outcome. What do you think? (photo)

I know it is still too early in the recovery but my nose looks very flat and unnatural. I only needed a minor change and I agreed with my surgeon that you he will do so.... READ MORE

2 months post OP, Need advice regarding the result and possible revision? (photo)

Right now I'm 2 months post operation, it looks like the results are not bad as I thought However I don't think that my nose will become what I want it to be, I will probably... READ MORE

Orbital rim + Upper cheeks fillers before Revision Rhinoplasty

Does the swelling for the Revision Rhinoplasty can make the filler in those areas dissolve faster then usual?I'm trying to get an answer for a few weeks without success.. READ MORE

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Advice about Doctors - Travelling from the Middle-East to USA

Hello Everyone, I'm planning on travelling from the middle east to the USA to have: Rhinoplasy Cheek implants Chin implant with submental liposuction My budget is around... READ MORE