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I am having second thoughts on the lower eye surgery. Do I need it? (Photos)

I do not have fat deposits just loose skin and hollowness. I am 57. Photos included. Scheduled to have upper and lower eye surgery this Friday (1/3/14) as well as CO2 Fraxel Laser. READ MORE

TOTAL FX C02 and upper and lower eye lid surgery. Can/should it all be done at once?

If so, what should your recovery time look like before returning to work? When can you wear contacts again? READ MORE

What is the best face cream to use after Total FX has peeled. Please provide brand names.

I had a bad allergic reaction to aquaphor. My doctor put me on a steroid cream to clear up the horrible rash which has cleared up and now left me with red, dry skin. My skin is... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting small puss filled (pin head size) pimples that leave pink marks on my face after my Total FX treatment?

I paid $3,000 for my skin to look beautiful. I am happy with the way this tightened my skin. My skin is very pink and blotchy. I have left make up off my face for 4 weeks and... READ MORE

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Thank you again NCnetshopper. You encourage me so much! I think I am a slower healer. Seeing that you continue to improve makes me feel I am not done yet. I started to have one cup of coffee in the morning only (stayed away from... READ COMMENT

Amen to that sister! READ COMMENT

Frizzy--I had to giggle reading your comment posted 4/5/14. I had upper and lower bleph plus total FX laser treatment to entire face on Jan 3. I was thinking how wonderful it will be not to wear makeup--that my skin will just be... READ COMMENT

NCnetshopper: I agree with jenpartyof3. You have taken us through your journey. I think you look great! I think you picked a good doctor. You pics must not show your scarring very well because I barely see your scars in your pics... READ COMMENT

I'm thinking of a revision as well (I am now 11 weeks post). I have a small bump at the end of my scar line lower outer eye. It looks like a mosquito bite. My hairdresser said she had the same thing and at 1 month insisted her PS fix... READ COMMENT