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Laser Hair Removal Damaging to Thyroid?

I read a question that three doctors answered regarding IPL not being harmful to the thyroid, but I've had about 20 laser hair removal sessions to my entire chest/breast... READ MORE

Bottom Lip Lowering? Is There Such a Procedure?

Is there a procedure that will lower a bottom lip? I see all kinds of "lifts," but I want more tooth show, including my LOWER teeth (think Farrah Fawcett in attached photo). My... READ MORE

Possible to Botox for a wider eyed appearance on a close-set-eyed woman?

When I pull my brows apart gently (with one finger above each) HORIZONTALLY, I love the effects. Basically, I'm elongating my brows. I don't LIFT my brows, as I think their... READ MORE

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I'm so sorry to hear of your pain and mistreatment. I truly hope you can find relief as soon as possible. Definitely report this to the CO medical board... sounds like malpractice, especially when you made the effort to let him know... READ COMMENT

You were already a handsome young man, and this kicked it up a notch:) Happy for you. READ COMMENT

I have the same issue with my chin that you had. Problem is all the surgeons want to simply reduce, but I know that part of my problem is that I have a fleshy chin pad because I can move my chin around and see how it would look if I had... READ COMMENT

Looks great! I see where you mean that it's still asymmetrical, and frankly, that scares me. I have dreamt for YEARS of getting a Haworth lip lift, but the asymmetry I see in a lot of his patients scares me enough to not take the... READ COMMENT

Do you still feel it's a little asymmetrical, like you mentioned in the beginning (lips slanted away from nostrils)? Or, are you prone to making certain expressions? I am nervous about this and think I can detect a little of this... READ COMMENT