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My Invisalign Journey - 2 years, NOT WORTH IT... Getting "real" braces.

(Week 1) I just started my invisalign treatment. I have an overbite, and my lower teeth are arched. My bite is way off so when I chew my bottom teeth will hit the gums behind my front teeth if I'm not careful. If the clincheck animation is correct, this treatmant plan should correct my... READ MORE

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I too made the mistake of using a general Dentist for my invisalign treatment. After two years of mistreatment I cut my losses and went to see an experienced Orthodontist who finished the job. READ COMMENT

Hey Wednesday, sorry it took so long to get back to you. My lower jaw would've needed surgery from the start to correct my bite. Something my Dentist never mentioned. He suggested upper jaw surgery after my first 22 trays to correct... READ COMMENT

I now have braces on my top teeth, 8 brackets. My ortho is just going to straighten those front teeth. As for my bite, to get that the way it should be, would require lower jaw surgery and at least 2 years in full braces. Just like... READ COMMENT

Good luck with your refinement! READ COMMENT

Thanks 2+1! I'd like to link the reviews. When I start the new review I'll shoot you a message... Ty READ COMMENT