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Horrible Experience; Mean Surgeon - Baton Rouge, LA

All I wanted was a little botox. First of all, he did not adequately describe the surgery ("a little incision and you'll look fresher, and I'll remove fat pads under your eyes, it'll make you have more prominent cheekbones"). Huge coronal scar, over-elevated brows, itching... READ MORE

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Over-elevated After Forehead Lift, Brows Look Droopy. Need A Second Opinion on Surgeon Recommendation? (photo)

I had a forehead lift years ago. The middle of the forehead and the middle portion of the brows remain over-elevated, making the peripheral brows look droopy. There is also... READ MORE

Repair Under Eye Fat Removal and Ended Up With Hollow, Gaunt Look With Ptosis?

I had an over elevated forehead lift and unfortunately fat pad removal under eyes which did not meed to be done. Now I have a hollow, gaunt look with ptosis. Horrible. Seems to... READ MORE

My Facial Plastics Guy Refused to Give Me my Pre and Post Op Photos. What Can I Do?

I need my pre and post op photos and the surgeon has refused to deliver. His secretary said those are "his records." I went to another surgeon who also requested the records,... READ MORE

Brow Lift/forehead Lift, Any Way to Reverse It?

I underwent pretrichial forehead lift 2004. Brows continue to be very over elevated centrally and are asymmetrical. The right side is pulled up so tightly that the skin over... READ MORE

Could Fat Grafting Under Eyes Help Dry Eye Symptoms?

I have sunken, hollowed our areas under eye areas due to prior fat pad removal in a surgery performed in 2004. I also have dry eyes. Would fat grafting be beneficial? Any Dr.... READ MORE

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I Am Looking for a Revision Rhinoplasty Expert, Preferably in or Near Dallas, Houston or Memphis.

I am having trouble breathing and was told that I need revision rhinoplasty, maybe alar batten graft and spreader graft? Please help! READ MORE

I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty Expert in Houston, Dallas or Memphis?

I am having difficulty breathing. Aesthetic improvement would be a plus. READ MORE

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I am so sorry that happened to you! You are not alone! I had a board certified facial plastics doc cause severe damage to me. How is your vision? Have you seen an oculoplastics doctor for possible repair? READ COMMENT

I can relate! I think your feelings are a natural response to what has happened to you. I will look for your post under the eyelid section. Don't feel alone. READ COMMENT

I am so sorry you had to go through that! I know how you feel. I had prior plastic surgeries that were botched. I think many surgeons are sociopaths and just want the money. I am learning the hard way, and don't know who to trust! ... READ COMMENT

I thought the people in his office--and he runs it obviously--were shysters. READ COMMENT

You look great. Kudos to your doctor. Wish I had been so lucky! Maybe I'll go in for a consult revison. READ COMMENT