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Hi you look fabulous--angelic! I am so happy for you as you were pretty before but now you just look amazing. READ COMMENT

Hi there! I had surgery with Dr. G on my nose in 2012 and only NOW have seen my full result. It's been a year and a half. It really continued to shrink and adjust all the way up til now! I am so glad I had the revision with him. I... READ COMMENT

Oh CJ i wish i knew you were going through this because i had a total emotional breakdown last week. I agree that this surgery is very hard both mentally and physically. Please pm me so i can encourage you more! READ COMMENT

I can totally understand your distress over still having your bump! Mine still feels kinda soft so I am hoping its swelling... At least you are still smiling in all those pics which shows you have a great attitude. you are young so... READ COMMENT

CJ mine's not perfect when I smile either. My doctor was very straight up with me that he could improve my nose but not perfect it. I was great with that! Yours is barely noticeable and it really does look super. You are so lucky! Keep... READ COMMENT