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What is the best age to start using Botox? (photo)

I am in my early 30s and started noticing some little wrinkles around my eyes. They are not too bad, but I am wondering if there is any specific age I have to wait before I get... READ MORE

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Great pictures, I love the way everything is coming to a great ending. Why are you up one pound? Does it have to do with your healing? Thanks for sharing. READ COMMENT

You have been through a lot. READ COMMENT

Cool, Thanks, I did not know the patients can write profile for the doctors. May be I should do one for my own doctor. READ COMMENT

Hi Sexy4life, Thanks for sharing your story. Great pictures. Why this doctor does not have a profile? Is it because he is not a member of this website or that he is not recommended by members? Thanks, READ COMMENT

That is great, I see what you are saying, it is hard to be in Hawaii and resist the temptation. I look forward to see your photos in Bikini. As I told you the scars have always been my concerns when it come to plan for a tummy tuck. READ COMMENT