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8 Weeks and Left Still Hasn't Dropped, Will It?

Hi, I had 275 silicone implants 8 weeks ago. They were both the same height right after surgery. My left had more bruising and was my larger natural breast(I was 34a pr op) and... READ MORE

Weird Sensations 11 Weeks Post Op BA, is this Normal?

I had my impants(275cc mod+ mentor silicone gels under muscle) 11 weeks ago, I am experiencing some odd sensations. It's like a cold/wet feeling on one breast that feels... READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Aug, One Implant Moves Up as I Do, But the Other Doesn't?

Hi, I had 275cc silicone gel mod+ submuscular done 3 months ago. My one breast has settled and the other is still a bit higher. The one that is higher, when I raise my arms,... READ MORE

Slight Bottoming out. Should I Get A Revision?

I was just confirmed to have slight bottoming out on my right breast. I have 275cc cohesive unders. My question is will it continue to get worse? I am 4 months post op. with my... READ MORE

Slight Bottoming out At 6 Weeks?

Hi, I got 275cc mod+ silicone gel unders 7 months ago. At 6 weeks I noticed my rt implant to be lower, and ps said I had slightly bottomed out. My left has dropped, and they... READ MORE

Firmer on Top?

I got 275 cohesive gel unders 9 months ago. I slightly bo on my right, now my left feels firmer, but only on the top half, bottom and sides are soft. When I hug someone or lay... READ MORE

Rash for 8 months, dr thought scabies

Rash keeps popping up somewhere on my body(1 place at a time) My dr thought scabies at first, and me and my family did permithin x2(1week apart) and completely cleaned... READ MORE

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Saskatchewan or Alberta

Does anyone know of ps who do implant removal in SK/AB? Preferably nipple incision, and what is the cost like? I am having a terrible time trying to like, let alone love, my 9... READ MORE

I need help

I need help, I got implants 1 year ago, and I initially loved the new look.  But the last 8 months, I have hated them more and more.  They look odd(to me, one... READ MORE