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Fat Transfer, Facelift, Lower Bleph, Rhinoplasty - Dr. Andrew Jacono

Under eye bags, sagging skin. As a result of weight loss and a genetic predisposition for hollow midface/eyes, I was left with premature sagging and lack of volume in my face. It took me almost a year of research and several consultations with various surgeons before I found Dr.Jacono.... READ MORE

Sculptra to Temples, Upper Cheeks. Restylane to Upper Lids. Dysport to Raise Brows.

Dr. Joseph Eviatar did a fantanstic job adding volume to my upper face/temples, raising my brows and filling out my upper lids which has started to deflate. The result is subtle yet significant. My eyes look younger and more alert. I had three vials of sculptra spaced 2 months apart. The last... READ MORE

Restylane for Upper Eyelids

I've also written a review for the other procedures (sculptra and dysport). The Restylane in my upper brow volumized and lifter my brows. They look younger and closer to what they were 10 years ago. The bruising lasted about 6 days but now that everything is settled it looks very smooth and... READ MORE

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Thank you for posting. Did Dr.H mention how he anchored the lip this time around? are there deeper sutures? the closure looks very precise. READ COMMENT

I agree. In essence you had a very involved surgery, not merely concentrating on one area. Your entire mouth has been rejuvenated. It's not one size fits all. Some of the 'skin only' lip lifts I've seen look too subtle or too isolated... READ COMMENT

Thank you for posting. Redness and swelling will continue to go down and your lips are looking amazing. You must be very pleased. Congrats! READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! this is very helpful for us and much appreciated. I can't believe how beautiful your mouth is. The scar is barely perceptible. I wonder how much of this (scar quality) has to do with genetics, lifestyle or doctor's... READ COMMENT