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Can I Lose Weight Once I'm Back into my Gym Routine, As Well As Maintaining my Healthy Diet?

Can I lose weight after lipo? I had my procedure yesterday and wanted to know once I'm in my gym routine, will I be able to lose weight as the months and years go on? Of... READ MORE

Massages After Lipo & VelaShape

How often should I get a massage after lipo? I am 4 weeks post op right now, what type of massage should I get & how often? Are deep tissue massages the best? I had lipo on... READ MORE

Disappointed, So Should I Consider a Tummy Tuck?

I had lipo in Feb 2012 on my hips, stomach & inner and outter thighs. I started working out when my dr said I could. I love the results from my surgery, but I don't feel... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time for Both a Breast Lift with Implants and a Mini-tummy Tuck?

What is the recovery time for a breast lift with implants and a mini tummy tuck? I plan to take 2 1/2 weeks off from work (I sit at a desk all day). Is that enough time? What... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Scar & Breast Lift?

Thinking about a TT and breast lift. First, how long does the scar last in a TT? Does it ever really go away? What's the difference between a mini & full TT? Also, I wanted... READ MORE

Silicone or saline implants? I'm worried that if I get saline, they can someday deflate in public.

I'm getting a breast lift w implants. My PS recommended saline implants instead of silicone implants. I'm worried that if I get saline that my boob(s) can someday deflate while... READ MORE

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Tummy Pictures... No Pics of Women Sitting Down?

I am looking to get a TT and as I'm looking at the before and after pics, I noticed that there are no pictures of women sitting down. One of my concerns is the belly fat around... READ MORE